Course Finder Tool

Course Finder Tool for a leading University in Singapore

Key Achievements

  • Privilege based functionalists
  • Users can easily manage the Courses
  • Efficient way of handling seminars


A leading global university centered in Asia offers a global approach to Courses, Seminars, News and Events with a focus on Asian perspectives and expertise. Its transformative education includes a broad-based curriculum underscored by multi-disciplinary courses and cross-faculty enrichment as well as special programs which allow students to realize their potential.


  • A complete course finder tool for National University of Singapore, with two administrator levels of Super Administrator and School Level Administrator
  • Based on their role, privileges and rights the modules and its sub-pages will differ
  • Course finder is the core module which has the complete course related details
  • Need to have iCal option compatible for Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, MS Outlook calendars for events
  • Quick Links were needed for specific pages

What We Did

This project dealt with courses offered by the Schools under the NUS (National University of Singapore). Member / Non member users were able to access the News and Events created by the Administrators and they can integrate with the MS Outlook / Apple iCal / Mozilla Sunbird / Google Calendars.

Technologies Used


  • Client received a Course Finder Tool in which the students can do different types of searches related to the courses and its relevant School / Faculties
  • Students will compare the searched courses and find a feasible course for them
  • Users can able to download the iCal and import in to different kinds of calendars like Apple ical, Google Calendar, Mozilla Sunbird and MS Outlook
  • Privilege based functionalities
  • Seminars will be handled in an efficient way by scheduling and inviting through this application
  • Users can easily manage the Courses, News and Events by subscribing to the RSS available in the application
  • Reminders through mail will be sent to the users for news and events using dedicated windows service
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