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ANGLER with its quality service offerings gives a wide range of Designing Services including dedicated Web Design & Flash Development, Multimedia Solutions, Product Demo & CBT, Software User Interface Design, Logo/ Identity Design and Digital Branding Solutions. ANGLER brings you a complete website solution, from planning and designing your site, through creation and hosting, to maintaining, re-designing and marketing.

Our web designers will understand your exact design requirements and lay emphasis on building an aesthetic and hash free unique designs. We take pride in ourselves and deliver eye-catching state of the art resources and technologies. We always design our solutions in such a way which educates the prospective of work to our cherished customer. Today we are one step forward towards spreading your business ideas and creating an awareness of the unexplored potential Business market.

ANGLER’s Design Service Offerings

Web Design

Our Web designers bring the experience of working for both the niche and mass markets. Good branding sense is supplemented by the experience of having worked for various industry verticals. ANGLER has a long record of successful implementations of several Web Design Solutions for its clients across industrial sectors.

  • Websites with static pages to complex portals
  • Websites with subtle animations to dynamic media-rich Flashed-sites
  • Website redesign and re-engineering

Website Re-engineering

Web Re-engineering means re-conceptualization and re-designing of the existing website and application services. Our designing team will make over your existing site with elegance designs and give complete new fresh look to the site and make it even more user friendly than it exists is our main aim.

User Interface (UI) Design

We, at ANGLER, not only suggest a robust navigational structure but also offer a successful UI Web Design Solution. We will also help you in redesigning your existing application and make it interactive so that your users will love.

2D / 3D Animations

We are one of the major service providers in the field of 2D & 3D Animation and have carved a niche for ourselves in this domain. The various services in this range include cutting edge digital productions, 3D & 2D animation and modelling, professional voice-over and music.

Product Demos

An interactive multimedia product demonstration is a great way to portray your products to the outside world. Whether your product is tangible or intangible, our product demos will reach your target audience conveying their working process, benefits and key differentiators using our engaging aesthetics and user experience.

Training Presentations

CBT’s bring in an enriching learning experience as they use multimedia kits to improve self-learning capabilities. ANGLER offers both interactive and Video-based CBT. We can also extend the existing user manuals as Self-learning CBT modules.

Logo Design & Corporate Branding

Our logo and corporate identity designers are masters in that. Logo designers at ANGLER would design a scintillating new logo and corporate identity for your company that will make you memorable to all your customers, and paint you as a reliable successful company to those who might one day decide to do business with you.

Brand Building is about your focus on a specific audience, on a specific message, and in specific communication strategies. ANGLER delivers the right mix of rich content and design across different media to help you to evolve an integrated communication strategy.

Whatever your requirements are, we are bound to offer excellent design services that can help you strengthen your corporate image across different channels.

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