Online Bus Booking System

E-Ticket Booking application development for a leading luxury coach operator in Singapore to enable customers to reserve their tickets online easily & securely.
  • Easy & convenient booking
  • Manage reservations & seating effectively
  • Safe & secure payment gateway module
  • Detail reports for managing trips


Client is a luxury coach operator providing daily Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and vice-versa travel itinerary packages. They also have links with hotels for online booking services for their customers.


Client wants a comprehensive online bus booking system where their customers can do the booking online easily & save their time of joining a long queue to buy ticket. They also want to include advanced features such as, hotel room booking during the stay at destination, Seat booking at their shop floor by their counter operators, agent login for seat booking are few major necessities. They asked for options to collect the cash online using the payment gateway method as well as direct cash. The customers must be able to take the print out of their e-tickets. At the back end, the administrator of the web application should be able to manage the trips, ticket rates, coach seating, discounts and also can generate trip sheet with passenger details. The passenger details must possess passport details, age eligibility, etc.

What We Did

Team at ANGLER have done a detailed study of the client’s requirement and designed a very comprehensive online bus booking system that would save both time and money. The system had all requested features for e- ticket booking, booking cancel, postponement, advance booking with expected dates etc. The system allowed customers to:

  • Book their tickets at counters and also by getting the help of operators and pay their bills by Singapore payment gateway
  • Through this application the end client can book the hotel rooms for his stay at the destination
  • Payment Gateway Module Accepts currency both Singapore Dollars and Malaysian Ringgits
  • Administrator of the online web application can manage the trip details including Bus schedule, bus type, listing of bus destinations, rates, etc
  • The administrator can cancel the tickets and approve the cancellation requests
  • The report part has trip wise booking and collection details. Client can take the printout of the ticket and trip sheets for driver reference. They can also manage the room’s details under the associated hotels

Technologies Used



With the online booking application, the client can reach the vast number of customers. Tourists can book the tickets from their home even out of country. Following are the significant benefits of the online bus booking system.

  • Save time spent by standing in queue for purchase of your tickets
  • Cancel the reserved ticket at any whenever required from online
  • Postpone the travel
  • Book hotel rooms well in advance
  • Pay online using online payment facility
  • Take a ticket printout
  • Counter booking using online application
  • Generate detailed report of sales details
  • Trip sheet printout for each trip to handover to drivers and in check posts
  • Manage various trips, rates and types
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