QTP Automation Testing for Industrial CRM Application


Client offers integrated and seamless transportation chains across all carriers – truck, ship and airplane – combined with complex additional logistical services. Having an in-depth industry knowledge and customized IT systems, client manage the needs of their customer’s supply chains, no matter how demanding they might be. Client serves more than 70 countries through their wide network of partners.


Client has an CRM - Customer Relationship Management application that take care of all their customers, agents, suppliers and overseas suppliers. This CRM application maintains all the details such as accounts, opportunities, credits etc with multiple reports. Hence the client required an Automated Testing Tool - QTP where they can easily test the functional flow as and when required after feature updates / enhancements.

What We Did

ANGLER’s automation testing team developed a simple, easy and customized automation script using QTP – Quick Professional Test which has covered all the user management scenarios like adding, editing, deleting user details, activities etc. This can be mapped for different users like customers, agents, suppliers and overseas suppliers which drastically reduced the testing efforts. With the tested CRM application, client’s account calculations are also handled in scripts that makes perfect account and is the core for any business. The QTP tested CRM application also validates reports data through scripts.

Technologies Used


  • Used for both web and desktop applications
  • Minimize testing efforts and time
  • Cost effective and easily run testing for huge scenarios without user monitoring
  • Ensure customer loyalty and reputation of the client business
  • Easy, simple and customizable scripts
  • Any number of regression test shall be done by client themselves
  • Partner for Innovation
  • Cutting-edge Business Products
  • Creative Design Solutions


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