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Advantages of FLUTTER in Cross-Platform App Development Solution

To develop your app idea into an effective mobile app quickly and to simultaneously reduce development costs try using a cross-platform app development technologies, but you have to make an educated choice of the frameworks. Cross-platform app development solutions have gained popularity quickly and there are two leading market players here – Flutter and React Native. However, the task is to build a great commercial mobile app for a customer using the best framework. Let’s take up Flutter which acts as an versatile framework.

Flutter from Google

Flutter arrived on the scene in December of 2018 at a launch event promoted by Google and now it has gained acceptance as an open-source portable UI software development kit (SDK) to create cross-platform applications. So, from a single codebase, applications can be developed for iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Linux, Google Fuchsia and the web.

Advantage in Flutter Framework

Business decision makers raise some critical queries that help them to decide on the platforms and the frameworks they would prefer to choose. Flutter will be able to answer most of their questions. It can provide –

  • One codebase to get the fastest time-to-market and more dynamic application development.
  • Lesser testing needed and the quality assurance process can be faster as it works on multiple platforms.
  • It naturally leads to a user-friendly app with a better design offering customised widgets.
  • The new app developed will look the same on older versions of iOS or Android OS as well as in the newer versions.
  • It is good for Minimum Viable Product (MVP) if you have little time and need to show the app to your customer quickly for approval.
  • Your app can communicate via Bluetooth plugins with any hardware and it’s good for every kind of mobile app.
  • Considering the many advantages it gives to business and development teams, it is a great opportunity to build them high performing beautiful mobile apps befitting their custom requirements on either platforms

Flutter 1.22.2 is now available, so go ahead and use it to save time and money in your cross-platform app development project.

Cross-platform App Development

The Flutter framework is optimized for 2D mobile apps that performs on Web Pages or on the Desktop PC. It is great for interactive apps that need to deliver brand-first designs and good for those that need to look like stock platform apps, all can be built with Flutter. You can also build full feature apps including 3rd part SDKs, geolocation, camera, network, storage and more.

 Why is FUTTER Framework unique?

As an option for building cross-platform apps, Flutter Framework differs from most other mobile app development tools since it uses neither OEM widgets shipped with the device nor Web View. To design widgets, it uses its own its own high-performance rendering. It is also different as it has only a thin layer of C/C++ code and implements most of its system in Dart which developers can easily read, replace or remove to give them greater control over the system. Hence for the majority of the system this significantly lowers the bar to approachability.

To Conclude

Before making a decision on cross-platform app development, first do a cost benefit analysis to evaluate how a mobile platform will help your business or service. If it will do good, then go for the hybrid mobile app, as it can work on the major mobile app platforms and on the web, accessible for more users and across many devices.

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