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cloud computing trends

Top cloud computing trends

Over the last few years Cloud computing has experienced exponential growth, Almost 60 % of current small-to-medium businesses (SMB) use cloud services and 72 % of these businesses virtualizes substantial portions of their servers. This growth is expected to increase in higher rates over the next few years.

Here are the major current trends in cloud industry

Hybrid Clouds:

Hybrid clouds offer an infrastructure that combines private cloud security with powerful, cost-effective, and scalable cloud attributes. Cloud offers more choices for personalized solutions, as hybrid models become significant for more companies likely to adopt cloud deployment model and drop the old practice.


PaaS solutions facilitate businesses to reduce their IT costs by increasing application development through more efficient testing and development methods. Cloud model designed for software development streamlines development process by shifting specific aspects as PaaS helps to develop web and mobile applications using components that are pre-configured.

Big Data Analytics:

Similar to the public and private cloud models, many organizations realized that it is much simpler and more beneficial to combine big data analytics with cloud computing than to choose one over the other. This emergence within the next few years, will offer businesses of any size to easily attain scalable profits in the global marketplace.

These rapidly sprouting trends are already becoming best practices and they are bound to have profound implications, cloud strategy with aggressively optimizing cloud adoptions helps to stay abreast with the speed of change through next couple of years, to know more in detail leave us an enquiry.

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