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Top Reasons why web apps need to be developed in ROR

What is Ruby on Rails? Ruby on Rails / Rails – an open source web application framework that is written in Ruby programming language. Rails is a software library that extends or simply a software code that are added to the Ruby Programming language.

Here are the top reasons why Ruby on Rails is preferred for web development

Quick Launch

Rails uses an extensive set of ready to use modules & solutions in ROR programming software library. These ready to use tools saves development time upto 30 percent and results in quicker launch.


The speed in which the website is built using Rails results in less time spent in development and thus the amount of money spent is also relatively less, at the same time you no need to compromise on quality.

Built-In testing

Unlike other frameworks, ROR has a built-in test system thus testing manually is unnecessary. In fact, its test driven development methodology ensures that the codes will exist only after they are tested thus saving time and cost.


As ROR is easily readable it’s easy for any ROR programmers to take up an existing project and update them. This flexibility allows you to easily modify the application in the future if needed.

Even some of the big players like Twitter, Sound cloud, Yulu etc works on Ruby on Rails. If you are thinking of Ruby on Rails, then click here to know how ANGLER can help you develop web apps using latest Ruby on Rails technology.

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