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Automation Testing

Why Automated Testing Is Beneficial

Every time if the software code is modified, it has to be tested to ensure quality. With increasing codebase and added functionality, manual testing turns laborious, inefficient and costly. Automation of testing helps to automate highly repetitive test cases to have complete testing coverage on core business processes, cutting costs up to 40% and reduce test times by over 20%.

Why Automation Testing?

Automated testing will be a best suit for every organization creating apps across web, mobile or desktop platforms that require frequent testing.

Automated testing services helps to transform business testing capabilities, achieve significant performance improvements and optimized effectiveness. These are highly reliable and reduces testing cycle time without sacrificing quality. Test automation workflows will not just help you to cut costs, but also accelerate time to market. There are various automation testing tools such as Appium, SeeTest, Protractor and others which empower businesses with greater bug traceability that could otherwise be missing in manual intervention.

Automation testing benefits include:

  • Quick and progressive methodologies
  • Rapid feedback
  • On-premise test infrastructure set-up
  • Extensive reporting
  • Reusable test library
  • 100% test coverage

Advantages of Automated testing can be:

  • Reduced development times and increased testing speed
  • Improved efficiency, shorter test cycles, increased test coverage
  • Increased software quality
  • Optimized resource usage

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software testing for business

On-demand Software Testing for Businesses

Software’s are increasingly becoming important as web offers businesses the new way of servicing customers, Failures in these software’s will cost much for the organizations. To avoid such loss many businesses today started to concentrate more on software development, development is not such a tedious task but testing the developed software is equally important.

By understanding the importance of software development organizations started to invest on outsourcing software testing to improve testing processes and to cut losses from failures after production.

Here are the reasons that shows why businesses outsource their software testing

Speed processing

Test execution, located at the end of the software development life cycle can be a bottleneck. By outsourcing, organizations can save much time, also the process will be rigorous compared to in-house testing and debugging can be done on-time.

Improved quality

In outsourcing all formal testing process will be adhered and this helps in finding more bugs, therefore overall quality of the product will be improved. In addition, some of the bugs can be found at initial stages by analyzing the requirements or reviewing the test cases.

Reduce testing costs

The main reason for outsourcing is cost reduction, by moving operations to testing service providing companies IT and business resources can be freed from repetitive and time-consuming test activities this improves software quality and also lead to cost savings.

The benefits of outsourcing testing services are just one of the many benefits that justify the need for a creative approach towards software development. To gain benefits from the operational and strategic point make use of ANGLER’s value added testing services. Get to know more in detail Leave us an enquiry and keep your software bug free with our testing services.

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