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Social media for Business development

Why Social media for Business development

According to a recent research,

  • 94% of businesses today employ social media for product or services marketing
  • 60% of marketers invest the equivalent of a full work day in social media marketing
  • 85% of businesses that utilized social media platforms as part of their marketing strategy witnessed an increase in their market exposure.

Social media itself is a catch-all term for sites that provide radically different social actions. Social media platforms have been evolving significantly more than ever before. These platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter social media have enhanced businesses ability to communicate with their clients, bring quicker connections and build stronger relationships.

The time is right now for you to take a look at the different ways social media can help to drive business development.

Social Media is fundamental for developing strong business relationships with a partner and lets you understand the culture among different companies. It gives you a good idea about the company you are going to engage even before you sign on the dotted line. Through social media you can acquire a positive impact for your business like marketing an initiative collaboratively.

With this in mind, let’s review the advantages of social media to enhance business development.

Advantages of social media for business development

  • Generates massive website traffic
  • Builds brand recognition & brings brand awareness
  • Increases brand value
  • Contains information pertaining to trends and customers’ behavior
  • Develops healthy client-brand relationship
  • Helps increase the reach and success of your business
  • Helps to keep an eye on social interaction to identify issues and nip them in the bud

Social media helps to achieve higher recognition in business, so the next time you look for a contact, a business prospect or a potential partner, start visiting their social media channels to get the heads up and assist your quest. Interested to know more about the benefits of social media in business? Contact us today.

Social Media Platforms

Social media networks and their impact in online marketing

In the space of Online Marketing, the rise of new dimension called as Social Media have opened new doors to promote your websites, brands in a new way. The popularity of social networking sites continues to increase, especially among teenagers & young adults and the continuous evolution of search engines has made social media a pivotal factor in digital marketing arena.

Being aware of these new media and their importance in online marketing is a must in this present scenario. They are the easiest way around to achieve a brand popularity and targeted audience globally right now. Here are few words about the some social network websites and how they make high impacts in marketing field.


As a leading social network website, Facebook can easily make an impact on the reach of a product or service. In the form of likes, shares, posts and comments, Facebook is a powerful tool that can engage viewers and raise the popularity of your brand.

Google Plus

As the product of Google, Google plus has a major role in impacting search engines rankings in a positive way. A well directed post or content has a high possibility to appear in SERPs thus increasing gaining you a broader reach.


Being a leading video portal, YouTube brings a new dimension to your product. With a good video that adds depth to your product, Youtube helps your videos to gain popularity and attract viewers thus increasing sales.


The most popular micro blogging site, Twitter has its own place in internet marketing world. Rightly targeted, focused tweets with proper hash tag usage can help you to establish our online reputation thus increasing your brand popularity.

The list doesn’t ends with these four; there are lots of other social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Stumbleupon, MySpace etc that can make a greater impact in social media market. A knack to catch up to the trend and a well directed Social media marketing strategy; it is what you need to achieve brand popularity and visibility in this social world.

Curious about how social media marketing can gain your brand popularity and sales? We have made it possible for our clients in the past and we know we can do it for you too. Contact us to know more or take a tour on our online marketing services.

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