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Mobile As a Marketing Tool

How to use mobile as a marketing tool for your business?

We all live in the era of Mobile phones. Mobile phones have breached their way into human life and the surge of global mobile phone market suggests the influence they have in day to day life. This rise in mobile phone usage has made businesses adapt to it and thus mobile marketing has become an integral part of their business strategy.

Planning your marketing strategy to attract mobile users may be new but it is one of the important aspects in the current trend. What are the strategies you can plan? What you can do to attract mobile users to your business? These are the three main factors that play a big role in mobile marketing these days.

Mobile Optimization

As the word suggests it is preparing your website for mobile users i.e. Responsive design. Making your website responsive makes your website compatible to the user’s mobile size thus making it attractive and comfortable for users to view and read, thus increasing the chance of user retention.

Mobile E-commerce

The advancements in mobile phones have made it easier for users to shop and pay for a product and service through mobile phones. A secure, responsive website that includes mobile shopping cart makes it easier for the customer to browse through your products and purchasing it thus boosting your sales.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps have already made their own space as an effective marketing tool in the business world. A mobile app gives you a competitive edge. With a mobile app, you are just a touch away from your customers, thus increasing customer engagement.

In recent times, the reasons for using mobile phones have diversified and this diversification is growing day to day. Businesses have made a note of it and have started offering business services focused on mobile phone users. In this competitive world it is better to be prepared than never.

We offer a gamut of mobile development services right from website to apps. Come join with us in this mobile era, prepare for the mobile arena, market your way through the success ladders.

Mobile Event apps

Mobile Event apps for Trade Show Revenue Generation

Trade shows are events consuming massive amount of time, money and manpower for planning. Event organizers have understood that engaging event attendees provides immense value for any event organizer. Creating organizer-friendly and user friendly event app will manage find the event info at your fingertips. To bring your trade show online, increase exhibitor visibility, maximize revenue generation and actionable insight read this blog.

Getting started with event apps not just makes event planning easier it helps you to make your event a success. It greatly benefits trade shows, associations /clubs or conferences and has proven to enhance coordination and improve attendee experience. Network is one of the top reasons people attend events, mobile event apps help build a community of like minded people. With mobile event app trade show organizers can streamline operations for trade show, save substantial time; as well capture leads on the spot easily and quickly.

Showtime’s Features for Trade show Organizers & Exhibitors

  • Responsive design of the app lets you to access via any computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Attracts more visitors to an exhibit, encourage them to interact with your brand
  • Makes trade show attendee to access interactive maps for trade show venue & exhibitor booths
  • Send push notifications to alert the exhibitors about new updates, reminders
  • Facility to network & share your opinions with other attendees through “comments” or “likes”
  • Conduct survey & get answers, so that you can then generate reports for analysis
  • Obtain attendee contact information, and then continue the relationship after the show.
  • Get on demand reports that summarize large sets of data in real-time

Whether you’re organizing a conference, corporate meeting, or trade show event our feature rich event app Showtime will enable trade show organizers to personalize & promote their brand with ease. With these Mobile event apps at your palm you can get good return on investment! For more details regarding this trade show event app contact us.

Mobile UI / UX

Key factors for creating a better mobile checkout experience

Over the last few years, across the world many users are being relying on smartphones more and more, shopping strategies have changed a lot with online storefronts. Many retailers and e-commerce service providers started developing their mobile apps for business as they have realized that mobile apps and smartphones are the easiest medium to reach targeted customers.But compared to desktop, conversions from smartphones and mobile apps conversion rates are still lower.

Like desktop every feature will be optimized for mobile, then how the conversion rates are still lower? What are the reasons behind this? –Unbalanced conversion rates is partly due to poor checkout processes, but what exactly about mobile checkout processes turns customers away? What are the key necessary improvement areas that need to be taken care for better mobile checkouts?

We have listed the key factors for you in creating better mobile checkout experience:

Create Good Impression

It’s always significant to make a good impression within the first five seconds of the user experience to avoid high-risk of losing customers after they view the homepage. If your users log into your app It’s important to ensure that the homepage gives a good impact about your app and that will set up the user’s expectations for the rest of the checkout process.

Keep it Simple

Inclusion of too many advertisements and information will distract the user during their proceedings. App specifically designed for purchasing should be the one with an integrated payment system and be free of clutter and mainly simple to use. A checkout form must be short and simple to ensure that the user will make it to the finish line. Avoid adding lot of additional fields to prevent users from skipping the checkout and to decrease bounce rates.

Guarantee Security

Users are often hesitant to transactions over smartphone and desktops, this is why you need to assure them that their information and data will be secure. According to a recent study, only 11% of PC users hesitated to fill in their personal details and purchase goods online while mobile users hesitated at 37%. So it is significant to ensure users that their personal information gathering is minimal and is safe &secure.

User perspective designs

Consider designing an app in user perspective and think in a way how users will physiologically use the app. Designing your app to fit the hands of your user is crucial. A recent research reveals that “users interact with their mobile screens in 3 different ways: One handed (49%), cradled (39%) and two-handed (15%)”.Hence many users hold their phone with one hand, the app design must reflect this and important information should be placed conveniently for easy one-handed usage.

Seamless Navigation

An easy navigation will ensure that the user can progress throughout the mobile checkout without any difficulty. A long checkout process will encourage the user to change their mind before reaching the end of the transaction, so it is always perfect to keep the navigation simple and understandable.

Understanding the mobile shopping trends will help retailers to create a seamless mobile shopping experience and avoid misuse of the app, abandoned purchases, and low conversion rates. Also it is significant to get your app developed from the right service provider. We ANGLERis into the app development industry, with our years of experience we have developed various mobile app in different platforms, we are ready to develop the applications for your requirement. Click here to leave an enquiry or Contact us lets discuss the app.

Cross platform mobile app development

Cross-platform mobile app development for enterprises

The Mobile app market has developed tremendously over the last few years and now various enterprises have started to adapt mobile solutions. In doing so they have realized the potential of smartphone apps for their business development. This mobile app deployment creates the need for quickly developing apps that functions in multiple platforms with easy maintainability for enterprises. This makes the implementation of cross platform mobile app development “Build one and run on all” possible.

To build a profitable business and to make it reach new horizons every business owner likes to have a mobile application with multi-platforms (Phone gap, Sencha, Xamarin, Titanium) adaptability, so that their customers can make use of it on the go. The most preferred mobile platforms today are iOS and Android. It is also worth considering developing an application for Windows mobile and BlackBerry.

For every business enterprise it is significant to study and understand the platform that majority of the target audience is using and the same becomes their choice platform. But when catering to a huge pool of audience they may use iPhone, Android, Windows and BlackBerry or others, so developing mobile apps adaptable in cross-platforms is vital for enterprises in their quest for success.

Benefits of Developing cross platform mobile apps

  • Uniform Look and Feel
  • Greater Reach
  • Easy Marketing
  • One Instead of Many – Cost effective
  • Reduced Development Costs

Developing cross platform mobile application helps to acquire and retain as many customers as possible and deliver the highest quality of engagement within the enterprise market. If you would like to know more about cross platform mobile app development you can reach us @ www.angleritech.com.sg

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