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Responsive Web Design

Why you should convert your website to Responsive design now?

If you take a closer look into the global smart phone market you can notice the rise in the sales of smart phones in the recent years. Smart phones, Tablets have forayed into the gadget market and taken it by storm. Nowadays people prefer to use smart phones and tablets than computers and laptops, as they can browse, chat, shop through them where ever they are. This indicates nothing but one thing – user preference.

With the changing user preferences, it is mandatory for you to change accordingly to sustain and increase your sales. If you own a business and if you have a website, it is now time to convert it into a responsive website. Responsive Website Design (RWD) provides an ideal viewing for users browsing your websites across a broad range of devices like desktop, tablets, mobile phones.

Building a website with Responsive design will give you the following benefits:

One website many purposes

Mobile friendly websites gives seamless user experience to your customers / new users from any device like mobile / tablet / desktop. Thus you develop one website that can serve to all kind of visitors.

SEO friendly

Google recommends responsive websites. If your mobile site is in different URL, links are scattered unlike Responsive websites in which it is the same link for all devices, thus improving the organic ranking which helps us to gain traffic.

Duplicate content

Same content at different URLs will show up as duplicate content to SERPs and thus there are chances of getting penalized. As it is the same site for all devices, there is no such thing as duplicate content in RWD.

Reduce Bounce rate

Clean and clear navigation, content readability, website loading time are the factors to decide bounce rate of website. RWD passes these checkpoints to keep your visitors engaged in your website thus reducing bounce rate.

Page loading time

An Internet user deserves a faster web experience. Implementing responsive design reduces page loading time and delivers better user experience to your customers which is a positive impact for your business.

Responsive Website development has become inevitable. They are becoming mandatory. They are easier to manage. And the list goes on. Many businesses have adapted themselves to the trend and have converted their websites into a responsive one.

Are you ready to make the leap into Responsive Design? With our dedicated team of designers being with you, it is never a difficult task. Contact us to know more about us or read more about our web designing services here.

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Ways to make website mobile friendly

Does every website provide an optimized experience when accessed via a Smartphone or tablet?

It’s not such a big issue if it doesn’t; but everyone now knows the fact that, there are numerous websites coming into existence in every single day. Modern browsers have made the mobile friendly experience for a website in a bearable way with lots and lots of innovations, if websites are not mobile responsive; then that may lead to lose traffic and global reach in this wide-spread online market.

Why websites to be made mobile friendly?

A mobile friendly website design offers plethora of benefits such as.,

  • More traffic
  • Increased social shares and sales
  • Additional email subscribers
  • Access of your site in all devices
  • Better user experience

Here are 4 ways to optimize your website suitable for mobile devices:

Separate Mobile Site creation

Every Smartphone user will be familiar with how certain sites offer a version specific for phones. For example, Facebook and other social media platforms have a separate application for mobile users. It will be only with slight modifications from the normal site, but the general capability is still remains the same.


The mobile version of a website should be very simple, well organized and with required space, this will help viewers not get overwhelmed by too many features. Drop-down menus in the mobile sites will help to eliminate unnecessary distractions this provides simplified navigation.

Emphasize Prominent Information

Informations and elements from the original site to keep for mobile site have to be clearly decided first. Appropriate name, contact information, and a photo or logo should be very clearly displayed. If someone is in hunt to find key information, most important message should be clearly and concisely emphasized in the mobile sites.

Provide Links to the Full Site

If someone first come across your website while using a phone, users will be more likely to fully interact and take advantage of services through the original site. So remember that the mobile version is meant to serve as a mini format of your main website. The full site is the main attraction and ultimately where you want your viewers to go. Make sure to provide a link to redirect viewers to your full site.

What else you want? This is the RIGHT time to transform your websites into mobile responsive design. Contact us to make your website as mobile responsive site.

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Responsive websites or Mobile apps – What matters the most?

Many businesses and organizations today own websites which promote their products and services. With this rising popularity and the expanded applications of mobile app usage, a mobile strategy for these websites has become more significant than ever. On the web, everything moves at lightning speed and this might be daunting for business owners to keep up.

It has now become a challenge for many businesses to decide and select between a Mobile application (MA) or Responsive web design (RWD) for their business development. Each solution has its benefits and shortfalls; nevertheless, selecting the appropriate option that works for the organization depends on their circumstances that are to provide end goals.

For sustainable business development Mobile website creation should be considered initially, which helps to increase mobile web presence, whereas a mobile app will be useful to reach the widest possible audience. It also rarely makes sense to build an app without having a mobile website in place.

Mobile website has a number of inherent advantages over apps including,

  • Wider accessibility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Compatibility
  • Sharing and upgrading
  • Easy to find and Reach etc.,

Despite the benefits of the mobile web, apps are still crucial and there are a number of specific

Advantageous scenarios where mobile app will be the best choice

  • Higher Interaction
  • Regular Usage/Personalization
  • Complex Calculations or Reporting
  • Native Functionality
  • Wireless connection and accessibility
  • Enhanced connectivity
  • On the go searches,

As long as mobile remains a relatively new frontier, the “web or app” question will remain in consideration for businesses and organizations seeking to determine mobile presence. For every organization mobile goals are significant to drive marketing results,

Are you a business owner? Can you make use of your existing skills, then Responsive Web Design is the right approach or if you want better performance, faster implementation, high quality user experience and seamless transactions then selecting Mobile App for your business will be the right choice.

To know more in detail about mobile app development techniques, solutions and strategies Contact us

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